The future has its roots in the past

Matthäi Schaumburg was founded as the construction company “Karl Ahrens” in Walsrode in 1903. The company’s founder worked with a team of 100 full-time employees to create impressive structures like the Kolkbrücke Bridge in Walsrode and the Wolff & Co. administration building in Bomlitz. Following his death, his sons Karl and Friedrich successfully took over the family business.

Today our Company is called Matthäi Schaumburg, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Matthäi Group that specialises in the transport and trading of building materials. The company’s administrative headquarter is in Stadthagen (Lower Saxony). Our diverse fleet of over 20 vehicles makes us a strong partner for the construction industry. We also boast a Germany-wide network of reliable logistics partners in the fields of road, rail and shipping.

Strategic expansion of our services

We’ve been a certified waste management company since 2010. This means our customers not only benefit from the supply of all kinds of raw materials; they can also enjoy a wide range of comprehensive services for the disposal of contaminated soil and building materials. Our portfolio was significantly expanded through the acquisition of the Georgschacht mining heap in Stadthagen and the asphalt mixing plant in Bremen. We then opened another asphalt mixing plant in Stadthagen in 2014.

We’ll continue to use our extensive experience as an efficient provider of comprehensive building services to constantly improve our performance in the future.

The company “Karl Ahrens” is founded in Walsrode following the acquisition of the Wilhelm Heyer construction business.
The company is renamed “Ahrens Bauunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG” and taken over by the Matthäi Group.
It changes its name to “Ahrens Transport & Handel GmbH & Co. KG” to reflect its new focus on the fields of transport and trade.
The firm becomes a certified waste management company in accordance with Section 56 of the German Recycling and Waste Management Act (KrWG). Its portfolio is expanded to include the creation of waste management plans, waste disposal records, consignment notes and delivery receipts.
Ahrens moves its head office to Stadthagen and takes over business operations at the Georgschacht mining heap to continue the strategic expansion of its services.
The asphalt mixing plant is opened in Stadthagen.
The company takes over the asphalt mixing plant on Hüttenstraße in Bremen. Its services are expanded in the Weser-Ems and Elbe-Weser regions.
The company takes over the firm Prima Bau and the gravel pit in Coppenbrügge.