Short Distances, Quick Service

With our branch office in Stadthagen (Lower Saxony), we have an optimally located site that allows us short distances and fast response times.. Our diverse fleet of vehicles and in-house laboratories in Bremen and Stadthagen ensure fully reliable and punctual building site logistics with high-quality and tested building materials.

Our locations and capacity at a glance:

  • Stadthagen Administration
  • Asphalt mixing plant + laboratory Stadthagen
  • Georgschacht waste dump
  • Recycling Centre G16
  • Coppenbrügge

Our Network of Locations

Laboratory in Stadthagen

The opening of our mixing plant in Stadthagen also marked the launch of our in-house laboratory. The quality of our asphalt mixtures is very important to us, and so we sample the material several times a day as part of our internal monitoring processes. We use numerous state-of-the-art machines to inspect the grain composition, compressibility and other qualities of our asphalt mixtures. We also carry out thorough inspections on the viscosity (needle penetration test / ring and ball softening point test) and elasticity (elastic recovery) of both our freshly delivered and recycled binders. We also carry out regular tests on all our aggregates, from chippings and fillers to recycled materials.

Location: Stadthagen

50 employees