Quality is no Coincidence

The main objective of our asphalt laboratory technicians in Stadthagen is to ensure the quality of our products. After all, the success of a construction project largely depends on the consistently high quality of the building materials.

As a reliable supplier to the construction industry, we know exactly what it takes to meet your requirements. And we don’t leave anything to chance: We carefully monitor the products processed at our plant by carrying out consistent planning, analysis and on-site sampling. We know just how to exploit the extensive expertise of our highly qualified staff.

High-quality building materials and cutting-edge machines

We use numerous state-of-the-art machines to inspect the grain composition, compressibility and other qualities of our asphalt mixtures. We also carry out thorough inspections on the viscosity and elasticity of our binders. Needless to say, our aggregates are also regularly tested.

Our quality management not only involves these internal and external monitoring activities, but also the constant improvement of our existing formulas and the creation of initial test certificates. This means we can offer new formulas like our innovative APA Asphalt as an affordable yet high-quality alternative to conventional mixtures.